49ers’ ubiquitous stadium Wi-Fi network delivers to full house in NFL debut

Levi’s Stadium crowd on August 17, 2014.
Jim Bahn

The San Francisco 49ers’ massive Wi-Fi network delivered to its first NFL crowd last night when the home team took on the Denver Broncos in a preseason game at the just-opened Levi’s Stadium.

Mobile Sports Report Editor Paul Kapustka tested the network in person during the game and detailed his findings extensively.

“In its first ‘real’ test with an almost-full house on Sunday the Levi’s Wi-Fi and cellular networks seemed to work well throughout the game, delivering solid speed test results from almost every part of the new 68,500-seat facility,” Kapustka wrote. In an outside concourse, Kapustka got speeds of 57.92Mbps down and 41Mbps up. He still got more than 20Mbps in both directions inside near the concession stands, while Mbps dropped to the teens in the seats, still plenty fast enough to qualify as broadband.

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