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Schmidt rates Jobs as 'best' CEO – BBC News

BBC News Schmidt rates Jobs as 'best' CEOBBC NewsMr Jobs' first term as head of Apple lasted from the late 1970s when the company was founded until 1985. During that time he drove Apple to become a significant force in the home computer industry. He resigned after losing a boardroom battle over the …He 'Couldn't […]

Samsung Presses Ahead on Android – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Samsung Presses Ahead on AndroidWall Street JournalThe South Korean company, whose fast-rising smartphone business is poised to overtake Apple in unit sales this quarter, on Thursday introduced several new phones and tablet computers based on the Android operating system that is at the heart of 19 …Android sees growth, RIM gains attentionMyBroadbandApple […]

How the iPhone crippled T-Mobile – Infoworld

The Justice Department is suing to prevent AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA, saying the deal would raise prices and not help customers, despite AT&T’s claims it would improve service by giving it more spectrum to deploy for 4G and 3G … Source:How the iPhone crippled T-Mobile – Infoworld