Can a antivirus work with an internet security?

i have norton internet security installed, i was wondering, could you install avast antivirus with it without conflicts?

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  1. Ed M says:

    It’s not wise to run two antivirus programs since they tend to interfere with each other. Just use Norton and you should be ok. Good luck. :)

  2. T.Q Naz says:

    You can install Avast as long as its firewall is off. If two firewalls are on at the same time, it will conflict. I recommend turning off the firewall of Norton first, and then installing Avast. Also the Norton software you have is not an anti-virus software so installing Avast should work. Hope This Helps! :)

  3. jammy467 says:

    Internet security suites have anti virus built in so you shouldn’t experience too many problems. You can’t run two anti virus programs at once, you’re computer will stop working as they battle against each other for control.

    If you are still having problems with viruses then you should consider upgrading your security suite.

    I recommend installing either BitDefender, Zone Alarm or Kaspersky, they are the best three on the market.

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