Can a system have one internet security and anti-virus of corresponding different companies?

Suppose how about Kaspersky Internet Security and Norton antivirus ? Since Norton Internet Security Causes lot of trouble to network when installed with kaspersky.

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  1. Ricky B says:

    2 AntiViruses will conflict causing problems…..and also Kaspersky have problems with other antiviruses installed on same system. so just choose one

  2. deboerdn2000 says:

    yeah you can go with that. im using nod32 and zone alarm. although i would advice against norton. go with something more stable like avg, bitdefender or nod32.

  3. Just Wondering0001 says:

    ANY 2 antivirus programs running on any one system will cause problems even if they havenlt yet.

    The problem ids related to the definition files for the virus recognition each program uses, and the fact that both programs “lock off” the operatiung system files and information libraries.

    When the other tries to scan them or modify them, or back them up, it causes a problem with the other lock.

    Find one program, use it, update it, and stay with it!.

    Good Luck!.

  4. Swap says:

    You can do that but I will recomend not to do so as it is bound to cause some or the other problem. And your computer will work very slowly.

    Its better you install a good internet security suit like Kaspersky Internet Security or ESAT NOD32 Smart Security.

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