Can I delete Norton Internet Security off one computer, and then use it on my other computer?

I just got a new computer, and my dad has norton internet security for 3 PCs, but he is using one, my brother is using one, and my old computer has it. I was just wondering if I deleted norton, or unsubscribe on my old computer, can I subscribe on my new computer?

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  1. michael s says:

    I don’t think you can….but you can try loading the disc up and give it a try as long as you have the product key…..the disc is encrypted so when it reaches 3 installs the disc is no longer usable..except for re-installs…

  2. rossh says:

    No. You can’t. But you know that the liscense for 3 computers can cover 9 computers, right. Each key code can cover three separate machines. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. You might want to try clamwin or another free antivirus, avira, avast, avg, etc.

  3. Jack says:

    install it from the internet and enter your product key from disc package. Should say “same #” of days left as the other two computers. If not click on norton support.

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