Can you attach a camera for security purpose to your computer and record?

I am not home much, but would like to be able to record what goes on outside my home when I am not there. I did have an outside camera attached to a VCR recorder and it would tape up to 6 hours, but that recorder broke. If at all possable, I would like to be able to plug it into my computer and record onto a disk. Also, I would like to record as much as possable. If it is possable, what would be the longest I could record?

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  1. Mike N says:

    this depends on how elaborate you want to get with your setup. there is a local shop here that sells cameras and computerized software to record from them. the length of record time depends on the size of the hard drive and how often you want to capture an image (every 30 seconds, etc). I believe the software requires a separate hard drive and a special card to connect the cameras. i would recommend contacting a local alarm company and have them quote you a price for a computerized video surveillance system.

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