computer security debate topics suggestion?

we will have some debate topic over computer security debate for next 2 weeks, she asks if there is any good topic in computer security that can be debatable. I can only think of Spam versus Business and White Hat Hacker versus Black Hat Hacker now – probably my classmate have these too so I need to have more topics – any suggestion?

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  1. Harley Drive says:

    rootkits the biggest current threat to computers, they are undetectable by normal windows programs they can do ANYTHING without windows or you knowing and even re-installing windows may not delete them as they can hide anywhere on the hard disk, if a good fix is not found soon computers will become unusable as you will not be able to trust any result your computer gives you, they can also change documents without you knowing so you could send an e-mail that says “have a good day” you double check it and click send but the rootkit can change that to “i hate you i hope you die” as it is sent and you would not know , they can give false results on spreadsheets and download and install programs that work without windows

  2. steven25t says:

    heere is a topic

    humans are weakest link in computer security.
    what are weakest points in computer security: human weeakeness, IDS, IPS, penetration tools.

  3. Gary says:

    Net neutrality is the biggest debate currently, particularly with the Feds considering the question & Google & Verizon having just sealed a deal that may affect everyone one the net


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