Computer Security – someone got my FB, MS, all my emails passwords and I know who it ws.?

Can I file a police report? What will happen? Will the police arrest them? What if they are out of state? Does it matter? They did not go into my computer or my website – but they did get my yahoo, my facebook, myspace and my match profiles – can they be prosecuted? Please help. !!!!

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  1. cashman2009 says:

    yes they can, it’s identity theft. they’re trying to be you. hacking is illegal. if they’re out of state, you’d have to contact that jurisdiction in which the hacking too place. they best thing to do is called yahoo, contact facebook, myspace and match customer support for further help. go to the link below and type in the site and you’ll find the contact info on each site to get the right information. it’s public record.

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