Do I have to uninstall my previous Norton Internet Security to upgrade?

I have an expired Norton Internet Security 2008 and I’m planning to get a Norton 2009 over the weekend. When I install, should I uninstall the 2008 one first, and then install my new one? Or will the 2009 version overwrite the old files? Also, if I bought a different brand, I should uninstall Norton 2008 first right?
Please answer both questions! Thank you

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  1. DEREK C says:

    If its the same Brand ie Norton No you don’t need to remove as it will happly over write. However, if you are installing a differant brand then you must remove Norton. PS Norton will protect you long after thier expiry date, the real new just come on stream one’s that might be a bit problematic…I feel you’ll be okay for a few days..don’t worry.

  2. Delmer S says:

    you should be abel to update the 2008 or get 2009 in that case you will need to uninstall 08 and start fresh .

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