Do you know of A good computer security program with?

Firewall virus scan etc I know some give you the first year or six months free, any advice as to which is the best at a reasonable cost/price?

Thanks in advance for replies!
Thank you!!
Thank you so much for the links!

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  1. Venky says:

    I love Bitdefender. I hardly know it’s there and it’s very effective. Not sure about prices now, but at the time it seemed highly competitive. Give the trial a go.

  2. SnowKid says:

    I run AVG Free anti-virus and Zonealarm Firewall. I am non-existent on the internet with my firewall. These are both free and top quality. If you want to test your security, go to and then choose Shields Up on the web page. Its a clean site and will let you know how thoroughly your security is protecting you :)

  3. Sincerely says:

    I shop around a month before they expire if it came on the machine- Don’t like free – cause it never is or poor quality. Don’t like fighting with my security program. For a few dollars a month – my time is worth a lot more to me. The on-line services and Windows are really mickey mouse in comparison to having control over you own software- certainly when it comes to Internet security.

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