Do you really need to worry about your computer’s security?

With so many different firewalls, anti-virus programs, etc do you really need to worry about your computer? The difference in firewalls and how they report are astounding. I surf all the time and have never had a problem. Have you ever had problems with your computer’s security? If so, what programs do you use for your security now?

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  1. Eri says:

    You do need to worry about it, but you don’t need to use anti-virus or anti-spyware programs. I actually don’t use any security programs at all. I have never had a virus on my computer, nor have I ever run an anti-virus program. They always take away from the speed of the computer.

    I follow a few guidelines to stay safe on the internet, but that’s just as good as any security suite. Basically, just don’t ever go to a site that you are unsure of, never use any peer-to-peer programs (i.e. Limewire), never go to adult sites of any kind, and only download attachments that you are expecting (if someone sends you an attachment in an e-mail that you weren’t expecting, call them up and ask about it). There are several other precautions to take, but these are the main ones.

  2. arty says:

    it depends on what websites do you visit or what kind of “important” information you have in your computer, but it’s always good to have a decent antivirus and a firewall. I had problems with a spy software so I bought an antivirus and firewall called bit defender, it’s not expensive at all and it’s the best, if you don’t want to pay for one, avast antivirus has a free edition and it’s a good one and zone alarm is free, that’s a decent firewall

  3. Thomas F says:

    AVG,zone alarm,winpatrol. there great and don’t slow my pc at all…(free versions)…good to have cause had a few times viruses tried to get me…

  4. SieglindeDieNibelunge says:

    I read the first few entries here and am thinking (in one case, correctly): they’re either running Mac or Linux! If you use Windows, you NEED protection!

    Even Mac and Linux are being targeted by the same evil entities who brought us worms, Trojans, botnets, etc.!

    I had a top of the line Dell system back in 2001, with Windows Me and after a couple yrs., by just letting my Norton subscription laps for a few WEEKS, was infected by 4 Trojan sub-7’s and a Klez worm.

    A) those are OLD news!
    B) I”m lucky that’s ALL I got
    C) there were probably more I didn’t know about because at least ONE of the infections called my ISP so many times it ceased working, then crashed.

    Luckily, my teen son has a geek squad friend who fixed it–I”m using it now!

    So…If you don’t have savvy teens or others in the know, get yourself SOME kind of anti-virus. Some ISP’s like Verizon and Comcast (thought both do the usual bait-and-switch: one month it’s $12.99, then it’s $33, then $50!) provide anti-virus, spyware and firewall protection. Remember also, if you have XP at least, you have a built-in firewall. If you have DSL, the modems usually come with built in firewalls. Ask your provider. If you use Verizon, I highly advocate using an anti-virus other than their weak offering (by Computer Associates, aka CA). See below.

    Don’t neglect the free ones: Avast and AVG are VERY good!

    If you have enough space on your hard drive, DO try Zone Alarm’s free version, or better yet, spring for the full Monty! It’ll save your computer and your sanity.

  5. foxefire_120032000 says:

    Listen sweety. Yes you do need to worry about your computer if it is not protected from (viruses, worms, and trojan horses, even spyware and adware) these are REAL . You always need a good firewall, antivirus and a spyware program install on your computer at all times, if not then you will be spending big bucks often trying to get thing straighten out. There are lots of things out there that can attack and unprotective computer, and I don’t care how safe you try to be on the web,if you don’t have some kind of protection then you are setting yourself up for big trouble.

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