‘Google Glass cannot read your mind,’ Google says about mind-reading Glass app

A new hack for Google Glass enables users to use brainwaves to take photos through the device’s camera and post them to social media without moving a muscle, the BBC reports. Google, however, has yet to review or approve the application, and a spokesman told the BBC that, for now at least, “Google Glass cannot read your mind.”

Developed by a London startup called This Place, the MindRDR software combines with an electroencephalographic (EEG) headset that measures the user’s brainwaves and reacts to spikes in activity. By attaching the EEG headset to Glass, the MindRDR software monitors users’ levels of concentration and projects a horizontal white line on the Glass display, which rises as concentration levels increase. Once the white line reaches a certain point, the Glass unit automatically snaps a photo of the field of vision on which the wearer is concentrating. Immediately after the photo is taken, the white line returns to the screen. Bringing the white line back to the top of the screen automatically shares the photo to social media.

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Network World Colin Neagle