Help. How do I remove AOL safety and security from my computer when I already have an anti virus installed?

When I set up my computer I had Norton’s anti virus system installed on my computer and my subscription is valid until Sept.I inadvertently added Aol security to my computer and I need to remove it so that it doesn’t interfer with the other system.Whenever I turn on my computer I always have to click the norton icon to enable it.(it states that it is off)

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  1. cnderellah says:

    i too had norton then got aol saftey and security. and the only way aol would have installed the antivirus is if you had clicked the option to allow aol to remove norton…….. you cant have 2 antivirus installed at one time the latest just wont install

  2. मेरा भारत महान says:

    You can try using the “Add-Remove Programs” service.
    Click on Start -> Control panel
    Clik on “Add-Remove Programs”
    Then search for the program that you care looking to un-install and just “Remove” it.
    Although, I’m not quite sure how AOL has installed itself. If it has bundled the dial-up software and the security software, then you might have to uninstall all of AOL.
    If you have to uninstall everything, then i would say give it a try. Uninstall and Re-install – BUT WHEN REINSTALLING:-> Check for an option that might say “Advanced” and under that uncheck the security softwares and continue. That way only the required dial-up software only will be installed.

    hope that helps

  3. reality says:

    Why would anyone use AOL? It’s not 1996 for god’s sake! Get some broadband without that AOL trash. But now, it seems you’re f***ed.

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