How can I remove a virus called “Security Tool” from my computer?

My grand-daughter have gotten a virus on her computer called “Security Tool”, now she can’t use it any more. It’s got to be a simple way to remove this pesty virus, how?

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  1. Mrawoodcock says:

    track where it’s found in your computer then delete it?
    or get Windows Defender to scan where you think it is
    or get Windows Defender to scan the computer

  2. Nogg's says:

    please do this :-
    you have a really bad virus and the only thing to kill it is “Malwarebytes”, some times this virus blocks anti-virus sites so download it using another system on to a Flash drive then use the flash drive to install it onto the infected system, then reboot and then run a FULL scan of your system, if this fails try this, reboot and press F8 as it boots up, this will take you into safe mode, then run a Full scan again.
    If it is still blocked & won’t install try this:-
    When it asks you where you would like to save it, change the “mbam_setup.exe” file to xxxxx.exe.
    Then install it, update it, and run a full scan in Safe mode.
    This will clear your system of this virus.

    This is also one of the best free anti-spyware programs; again always run your anti-virus software in “Safe Mode” on full scan.

    This will all help you and are completely FREE downloads.
    Trust me this does work.

    Simple version of what to do:-
    Download “Malwarebytes” onto a UBS Memory stick using a friends system
    Use the Filehippo links as these are completely FREE

    Reboot your system
    As it boots up press (tap) F8
    When in SAFE MODE install “Malwarebytes” using your USB Stick copy
    When installed, run a full scan of your HDD
    Reboot back into main windows again
    Update “Malwarebytes” using the update tab page
    Run another full scan of your HDD

    Trust me this will not harm your system at all, only kill any bad stuff that’s on it.

    This is completely FREE and easy to do and WORKS, so why not try this first??

  3. Bestavatar says:

    Security Tool, otherwise known as SecurityTool, is a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family as System Security. This program is promoted through the use of Trojans and web pop-ups. When this rogue is promoted via a Trojan it will be installed onto your computer without your permission or knowledge. When promoted via web pop-ups, you will be shown a pop-up when browsing the web that states your computer is infected. If you click on the pop-up you will be brought to a page that shows an advertisement that pretends to be a fake online anti-malware scanner. At the end of the advertisement, it will state that there are infections and then prompt you to download and install Security Tool onto your

    Removal Instructions

  4. mr.grumpygit says:

    Personally, I think the best way to deal with any malware or virus is to use the services offered by one of the many free computer support forums.
    Follow the instructions in the link below and a trained analyst will check your logs, help you sort it out for free and give you advice on keeping your computer clean in the future
    If you cannot complete any of the steps, let the analyst know and he will advise you what to do next.

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