How do computers benefit from having all in one computer security systems installed?

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  1. Ed G says:

    I always used different programs for my security. All in one programs where a big drag on my computer. Slowing it down. The problems with all different programs is you get over lap. You also have some slow downs if the programs don’t work good together. Plus you have 3 or 4 security programs you always have to update.
    I’m now using Norton Internet Security 2009 it only uses about 8mb of ram. Since it takes care of everything I have no conflicts with all those different security programs running. Only one program to update. It is strong in the areas that matter anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall. The only draw back is it’s not free. But it is nice only having to deal with one security program.

  2. Lex Luthor says:

    They don’t use as much memory for 1. By the time you download Avast or AVG then a fire wall then a antispy then mal ware bytes you will use more memory than you would if you downloaded one like Kaspersky that has it all. Back up Kaspersky with something like spy ware blaster’ Uses almost 0 memory then download Super Anti spy ware and set it to run only when you open it and update it and run it. I noticed on my machine that there was a huge memory drop when i deleted all that junk that doesn’t work that well anyway and downloaded Kaspersky’s Defender Pro. Works better than any free one i ever had.

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