How do i avoid K9 security on my computer?

My parents put K9 security onto my computer blocking several sites which i feel that they dont even need to be blocked. I know about all the unblock sites but when i click them k9 pops up and says “The site you tried to visit belongs to a category that this computer is set to block. (or any other unblocking site) is blocked because it is currently categorized as Proxy Avoidance. ”

So is there anyway else i can get around this, without using the sites?

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  1. osnaref says:

    maybe you are to young and your parents knows same sites are not safe anymore to a Girl like you, be happy

  2. briguy says:

    use RUn, go into regedit on an admin user, search K9, look around for anything that might say something of a password sort, and change it. BE VERRY CAREFUL. MESS UP THE REGISTRY AND YOU CAN KILL YOUR COMPUTER.

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