How do i change the security on my computer so i can download flash?

It won’t let me download the flash i need to view a lot of stuff :(

Where is the installer file?

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  1. Steven שמואל says:

    Find the installer file, right click it, and select “Run as administrator.”
    The installer file can be found in the place where you saved it when you downloaded it. See the below answer for details on how to download it (in Internet Explorer.)
    In Firefox, press Crtl+J, which will pop up a window which should tell you where the downloads are being saved. In Chrome, downloads are saved, by default, in My Documents > Downloads.

  2. soupfine says:

    on the adobe download page, where you’re trying to download flash, click on the link that says “if download doesn’t start automatically, click here” click there, save the file, close browser and find the file you downloaded and double-click to install flash. Some security programs block Adobe Download Manager (the flaky program Adobe installs and uses to automatically install it’s programs).

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