How do I get my Norton Internet Security working again?

I recently,well kind of still do have a trojan virus.Norton had detected it the other night for me and notified me several times. I thought the problem was fixed and noticed that it wasn’t when I restarted up my laptop and noticed it was running on safe mode. It is currently still in a type of safe mode,not sure how though. But I can no longer access Norton Internet Security,my question is why? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Ed G says:

    It sounds like you have a nasty rootkit, which can be hard to remove. There are several reasons why, which one applies to you would only be a guess at this point. Malwarebytes anti-malware is free and is a good removal tool. You can get it at But like Norton, and the other anti-virus programs they are not that good at removing rootkits. Most rootkits are installed by the users, through P2P file sharing. They are made to get by your security. If Malwarebytes does not work, You can try Gmer anti-rootkit tool, but it is for experience users so you must be careful. Make sure of what you are removing. Removing the wrong thing can make your computer unbootable.

  2. jee p says:

    Using your same Norton program.
    Restart your compute5r in safe mode.
    download the file and run it run Norton you can do the scan only
    now if your Norton is able to find the virus clean boot computer with Norton.

    (in msconfig you have to go to services thab and click the option hide all microsoft services. and unxheck all services other than starting with Norton or Symantec. now close it and restart. for a cleane boot with Norton.)

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