How do I get rid of “Security tool” on vista (computer)?

I accidentally installed security tool :/. The pop ups get really annoying and its messing my computer up. Can anyone help me step by step please? Thanks.
How do you reboot if you have lost the cd… Wait, is that even possible? :S

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  1. Hawaiian Eskimo says:

    Start your PC in safe mode with networking by hitting F8 while your computer is booting (start tapping it before Windows starts to load to get the boot options menu). Then go and download Malwarebytes ( , you might have to download it on another computer and put it on a flashdrive if the site was blocked by the malware, and rename the file to prevent that from being blocked as well), and install, update, and run it. Then remove what it finds and restart your computer.

    Video guide:

  2. vplumme says:

    If it was my system, here is what I would do to help troubleshoot the issue.
    1 – Reboot your computer into Safe Mode
    2 – Start>Run>%temp% and delete all files (hint: Hold the Shift Key while pressing Delete)
    3 – Empty the Recycle Bin
    4 – Start>Run>MSCONFIG and choose to Selective Startup and uncheck all except System.ini and Win.ini
    5 – On the StartUp Tab, Uncheck All Items to prevent from loading. You will want to come back in later and recheck one box at a time, then reboot to help diagnose your startup and slow issues. It will usually be in this tab that many of bootup problems start and end. Finding the item and unchecking them will help you troubleshoot.
    6 – On the Services Tab, Check Hide All Microsoft Services, then Disabile All.
    7 – Reboot.
    8 – After restarting (and logging in to Windows), a window appears confirming that “You have used the System Configuration Utility to make changes to the way Windows starts.” Click OK. The System Configuration Utility appears. Do not click OK here as this will prompt you to restart again. First try to reproduce the issue you were having.
    9)Open up your registry. Export your registry and save it with a date like (040210) in a new folder under My documents called Registry
    10)The key values will then need to be deleted under HKCUHKLM SOFTWAREMICROSOFTWINDOWSCURRENT VERSIONRUN
    and these files in the Windows directory:
    %UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication Data[RANDOM CHARACTERS] (Win XP)
    %UserProfile%AppDataLocal\ (Win Vista & 7)
    11)Close your registry and reboot your machine.
    12) After you found and corrected the problem by deleting the program file location, deleting the registry key, modifying your services, then you’re ready to put your computer back to the normal state. To do that, go to Start>Run>MSCONFIG and select Normal Startup and reboot.
    13)Update your virus software or get one and install it.

  3. Ted P says:

    Have you tried using the ‘uninstall’ option in the Control Panel? If that fails, try finding the folder (using Search) and delete the files it uses.

  4. Sexy Scottish Kool Aid Man says:

    You never installed it ..It is Malware which tries to trick you into buying a non existent solution

    Download Malwarebytes ( its free) and run scan;contentAux

    The malware may try and stop you from running this , so you may need to remove the malware manually ..For more on this read this

  5. ken says:

    Try This, click on control panel, look for program and features, on the list look for the security tool you installed, click it to remove it.

    They are some times named some thing different after you in stall it, so be care full what you try to un stall.

  6. Delilah says:

    Simply restart your computer, Press f8 and go into safe mode.
    Second, alt+ctrl+delete on your keyboard.
    Go into your task manager
    Go to Applications and click ” Security tool ” & click end task now.
    Exit out of the Task manager.
    Then go to your start menu. Go to Accessories and Click System tool ( With a folder on it )
    and then System restore. Then your done!
    The system restore restarts your computer and take that nasty virus off of it.. Hopefully for now. I recieve the virus on april fools and was so clueless of getting it off. But im just as here to help you get that virus off. !

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