How do I get rid of/remove this Security Shield infection on my new computer? Help, please!?

This Security Shield bullcrap keeps popping up on my computer, every freaking two minutes! It doesnt let me open up files, it tells me that my computer is unprotected and from my research, this thing is an infection and needs some sort of antispyware thing. I tried downloading something from malwarebytes and something else from PC tools but the security shield thing wont let me access it. Please please help, Im going insane! :'(

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  1. Jamie says:

    When it next pops up, leave it there, press Crtl + shift + esc to open task manager or ctrl alt del and then right click the security shield in the application list, right click it and click “go to process” then click end process and try download anti spyware stuffz before it rapes u again

  2. alex says:

    when start scaning ,left clik,open the propreties,find out were did install and dealet that file

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