How do I remove SECURITY TOOL from my computer?

For someone reason i have this new thing on my computer called SECURITY TOOL and I do NOT want it. I have tried to delete it but it says I need permission. Can someone please help me?

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  1. Mark says:

    u need to use malwarebytes and superanti spyware … and i would also run combofix also…just for good measure….someone posted this site here a while ago and i used it was great for getting rid of that i had it too

    look for the malware removal video

  2. LenniLei says:

    Once “Security Tool” infects a system, it will randomize the names and folder names. You may need to kill off the running process for SecurityTool in order to remove Security Tool. If you are otherwise unable to delete the files that you find, use the Task Manager to kill off the running process that matches the randomized name for the exe that you find. It will likely stick out like a sore thumb in the task manager. (Very few legit programs have 10 digit numerical names)

    After the manual removal, or at least the manual disabling of the active rogue, go back and run a scan with an updated version of Malwarebytes to make sure the system is clean. The toughest part of the Security Tool infection, Security Tool will claim each program you try to run is a worm and is trying to send your credit card info to some host.

  3. aaronrreagle says:

    I just removed this from my compter about 5 mins ago! If you still have it just email me and I lead you thru a sure proof way. I tried system restore and all kind of stuff till i did this…

    just let me know

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