How do I remove system security from my computer?

I turned my computer on this morning and it is infected with system security software. It will not let me open anything but internet explorer. Is there any way to remove this. I can’t open task manager or anything.

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  1. missy says:

    I had this virus and it sucks! I am a computer dummy and I killed it.

    first stop processes… task manager/processes look for random numbers ..mine was 912487584…. something like that (this will stop the pop up. than download malwarebytes and Superantispyware I know i know, it don’t work. rename it to mbam.bat ( my computer/program files/malwarebytes/mbam.exe/right click/rename mbam.bat… than double click.) i had to double click 2 x to get it to say it was already running before it would load. quick scan, remove viruses, than full scan. Next is Superantispyware, run and scan and remove viruses. I downloaded avg and did that scan and it cleaned the rest out and i am surfing faster than i was before the virus!! I had no idea what i was doing and yet got rid of it. I almost reinstalled my xp, thats how bad it was I could not open any program, run ANY virus removal… and now it’s gone. Hopefully your computer isn’t as bad as mine was. My system restore wouldn’t even work. It was bad. good luck. run malewarebytes several times till it comes clean. You are gonna need to.

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