How do I uninstall the old version of Ad Aware so i can install the new internet security?

I have completely uninstalled all old versions of Ad Aware. I have cleaned my registry with multiple programs but it has not helped. Whenever I go to install the new internet security utility it tells me I have a fatal error and I need to manually uninstall the old version I have installed even though I already have. How can I fix this problem?

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  1. CLOUD says:

    you can restart computer and go in to safe mode by hitting F8, then doing what you did in windows again if that doesnt help let me know

  2. Js PC Repair says:

    By Ad Aware are you meaning the Ad Aware SE program?
    Also, what is the new program you are trying to install?
    What exactly is the error is shows?… please list the exact string of numbers
    and description of the error.

    Quite often, this information will give insight as to what the actual problem is.
    Fatal Errors typically occur from:
    a) An illegal instruction has been attempted
    b) Invalid data or code has been accessed
    c) The privilege level of an operation is invalid

    If caused by the installation of a program, it is usually because the program did
    not install correctly, needs removed, and/or re-installed.

    To clean a program fully from the computer, most reg cleaners won’t do it.

    To manually clean a program from the system:

    1. First thing (which you probably already have done) is to remove the program
    from the Add/Remove Programs list.

    2. Reboot the computer.

    3. Next, go into the computer’s Root Folder (usually C:) and then Program Files.

    4. Locate the folder for the program (in this case; Ad Aware) and delete it.

    5. Go to the start menu and select the “Run” command and type regedit to open
    the registry editor.

    6. With the Registry Editor open, go to the Edit menu at the top and choose Find
    (or press Ctrl+F).

    7. Type in AdAware (or Ad Aware) and hit Enter.

    8. Carefully look at each entry it finds and make sure it is a part of the programs
    files. The locations will generally be in C: locations such as Program Files, User
    Data, Temp folders, etc.
    After deleting an entry, press F3 to locate the next entry and do this until the Registry
    Editor has reached the end of the registry.
    Delete each entry you find.

    9. Reboot the computer again and attempt to install the new software.

    Hopefully, this will help.
    If you have further problems, please contact me at the email below.

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