How do you get around Norton Internet Security when trying to install a keylogger?

I want to install a keylogger on my computer, but every time I try, Norton blocks it. How do I get around Norton? It’s the 2008 Norton Internet Security.
Vista Home Premium…Bought Norton…Online keylogger

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  1. mykes_ says:

    Your OS info could help.
    ex. Vista, XP?

    Is your Norton the free or paid version?

    Is the source of your keylogger on disk or online?


    That’s not exactly an easy task.
    Hopefully someone else can help you.
    I simply don’t have the attention span to tell you how.
    Good luck.

  2. Brittany D says:

    Uninstall Norton. That will be the only way for the keylogger to be installed, AND run in the background. While Norton IS is installed you will not be able to run programs that Norton deems ‘bad’ such as keyloggers, most keygens and any program imbedded with a known virus.

  3. Amin says:

    When you say install a keylogger on your computer…. why are you installing a virus on your computer? Anyways you can probably deactivate it temporarily, then make the file an exception so your antivirus doesn’t delete it.

  4. Ronan says:

    Ah, quite simple. I have the EXACT same thing going for me. Go ahead and look on the bottom right of the computer, on the little toolbar. It should have Norton’s icon. Click on it, and then go to settings. You then click on the thing you wish to disable and simply disable it. Can’t get any easier.

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