How do you heal something in the virus vault of AVG Internet Security 8.0 Full Version?

I have AVG Internet Security 8.0 Full Version, I have some backdoor trojans and things like that on my computer, if they are in the virus vault, how do I heal them? Do I click delelte?

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  1. sgt_mjc says:

    It the vault they cannot harm you. Healing will try to remove the bad code (the virus) from the good file. Sometimes this cannot be done. I would just delete the infected files and be done with them.

  2. Amyth says:

    The viruses which couldn’t be healed properly are moved to the virus vault.Viruses in the virus vault wouldn’t do any harm.

  3. Why so srs? says:

    Put bandaids on the inside of the computer, also try applying a cold ice pack to the motherboard, it usually likes that.

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