How does the Security Tool Virus/Worm/Badware get on your computer?

I’m trying to get rid of Security Tool on my computer, it’s still not gone completely yet and I don’t know what else to do exactly. But I want to know how it got on there as well, my computer was fine before I left this morning and then I turned it back on and there it was plain as day.

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  1. merlin38092 says:

    There are many ways in which malware can get on your computer. You could unknowingly download it, you could visit a webpage that invisibly downloads it, etc.

    One very popular method of distribution for bot nets used to be the use of an HTML tag that would download it without your knowing.

  2. Bill says:

    First thing you need to do is quit using internet explorer. Some malicious code can be placed in banner ads on various sites and can be executed without the users knowledge. Sometimes you can get popups that make you think you have a bug and if you click on the “virus scanner” then it installs a program on your machine.

    To get rid of your problem, try running combofix:

    and then run Malwarebytes:

    In a lot of cases, those two should take care of most things.

  3. A B C says:

    Malware like this one normally uses trojans which are able to break in to the PC system secretly after some security holes are found. The program asks no permission, so the only thing which can be done to prevent such parasites is getting a reputable anti-spyware installed. I personally use Spyware Doctor from Google Pack, try it:
    Also, here is more information about Security Tool and its distribution:

  4. agent1180 says:

    Malwarebytes…Used it today to get rid of security tool. Downloaded it in safe mode, it scanned for about an hour, found all malware, removed ot, reboot, fixed. FYI, I downloaded the security tool virus from a spoofed CNN Page..I try to disconnect when I saw that the site was spoofed but too late.

  5. Orion says:

    I am having a similar issue. I was able to remove the security tool virus using malwarebytes, however, there appears to be something else still on the computer that prevents the opening of downloaded programs such as anti-virus software and I have NO idea how to get rid of this. It doesn’t appear to be visible at all, like the Security Tool thing was that started this whole thing. Any ideas would be helpful.

  6. Mike says:

    I got it from visiting this website. When I got there it kinda looked like the “my computer” window, and I ended up clicking on something. Thats when it all started to go downhill for me. I started seeing the Security Tool window all the time. I search really hard to find a way to remove it I was able to get rid of it based on the instructions listed on:

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