How has internet security changed in the last decade?

The question I have is, how has internet security changed in the last decade? I have a text book from 1995 however I want to know what kind of things have been introduced since then to improve security, whether it be techniques, software, changes in operating systems, etc.

Just the list of the names of the changes/development would be great!
Haha, thanks to all that have helped so far. I know there are lots – so just the major breakthroughs would be great!!

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  1. AllenX02 says:

    Security has been improved many ways, I mean, back then you couldn’t scan a file throughout a website database. And now you can.

    Back then you couldn’t sandbox to find out if a program is safe or not, but now you can.

    Back then you couldn’t hex edit a file and find out if it is “binded” with a Trojan Horse, now you can.

    Back then Viruses were simple, now it takes time to make this virus F.U.D.

    Back then we couldn’t view known virus databases, now we can.

    I can go on forever.

  2. Tony Pink says:

    You might wanna get a new book buddy.

    Lots of things have changed drastically since 1995. Too many to name

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