I have the virus, Security Tool stopped w/ task manager. How do I completely remove it from my computer?

My computer just recently got the ugly virus “Security Tool.” I pulled up task manager and got it to stop running. Now, I just want to be able to get it off my computer completely. Help!!!

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  1. Hawaiian Eskimo says:

    Start your PC in safe mode with networking by hitting F8 while your computer is booting (start tapping it before Windows starts to load to get the boot options menu). Then go and download Malwarebytes (http://www.malwarebytes.org/ , you might have to download it on another computer and put it on a flashdrive if the site was blocked by the malware, and rename the file to prevent that from being blocked as well), and install, update, and run it. Then remove what it finds and restart your computer.

    Video guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfvhkWBpksk

  2. optimus says:

    A scan with software like Malwarebytes’ anti-malware should kill it, especially if it’s not running anymore. (Junk like that is known for keeping you from running anti-virus and anti-spyware software).

    If you have antivirus+antispyware software like Avast Antivirus, run a scan for it too. Norton probably won’t cut it, and Avast is free. (Just be careful to run only one antivirus program at a time, otherwise you’ll have more problems than solutions.)

  3. ilknur K says:

    The Best way to Remove all kind of Virus,Trojans,Malware,Spyware,
    Worm,Pop Up Advertisements ,Hijack Web browser rootkit and all Rogue Fake
    Anti-virus and
    Browser redirect
    in you Computer is Restart You Computer Safe Mode with Networking

    1.Log out and reboot your machine.

    2.When the machine starts the reboot sequence, press the F8 key repeatedly.

    3.Select Safe Mode with Networking from the resulting menu.

    4. Login. If the malware has changed your password, try logging in as
    Administrator. By default, Administrator has no password.

    5.The machine will continue booting, but the Windows desktop will look different.

    Then in The Safe With Networking .Download and Scan By Using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=contentBody;mostPopTwoColWrap&cdlPid=10997763
    Download and Scan By Using Super Anti-Spyware Press here http://www.superantispyware.com/

    Download and Scan By using Norman Malware Cleaner Press here http://majorgeeks.com/downloadget.php?id=5450&file=1&evp=6980e63d4e482f0670e991265b3250e7

    Download by using Rkill press here http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/grinler/rkill.exe

    Download ATF is a new, freeware, temporary file cleaner for Windows, IE, Firefox and Opera with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

    The main screen allows the user to either clean all temporary files, or select files for cleaning. The program also knows if Firefox and or Opera is being used, and gives the option of cleaning the temporary files associated with those applications.

    ATF Cleaner provides the user with a window showing the total bytes freed upon completion. The program is small (36kb), quick to run and no installation required. to Download ATF Cleaner press this link http://majorgeeks.com/ATF_Cleaner_d4949.html

    6.When you’re finished Remove Virus, Malware, Trojan, Worm,
    virus rootkit and
    Spyware log out and reboot back into normal mode

  4. joe d says:

    Download this


    If you can’t get online you might have to try safe mode with networking.

    You will need to turn off your computer. You will need to start tapping the f8 button and then turn on your computer and keeping tapping f8 until you get to an advanced boot options menu. Then use your arrows to select safe mode with networking. Then log into admin and try again.

    If it doesn’t let you get into safe mode or let you online you will need to go to a different computer and save that program to a flash drive and then try to install it that way.

    Then to prevent you from getting these viruses again download and run this free program where you can run everything in a virtual environment. Then even if you go to a bad site or download a bad file it wont matter because it will be trapped in the sandbox and it wont be able to affect your real computer.


    See Sandboxie in action


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