I need help with computer security?

Ok so I have a new computer, and it has this Norton Internet security thing and it says it will expire in 29 days. =( Now what should I get next?

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  1. feena59 says:

    Get AVG or Avast antivirus (both free) then get yourself Spywareterminator (free antispyware) then Comodo Personal Firewall (free firewall).

    Result! You have just got yourself a superb security suite for nothing!

  2. biswox says:

    I have NOD32 and it’s good and doesn’t use much resources. It works in both XP and Vista.

  3. MINDDOCTOR says:

    Nortons is the very worse software junk in the world. Fails to find viruses and if one is found is either unable to quarantine or clean. Plus is a hugh resource hog that eats up all of your RAM & CPU.

    Myself I would take the PC back to where you purchased and tell them to remove Nortons and Symantec out of your system. Microsoft add/remove you will only think that Nortons and the parent company have been removed. This is not the case, as you are left with over 375 fragments of Nortons & Symantec glued to your registry, files, folders and sub system. Not even Nortons removal tool is capable of removing their junk. (Make sure that the entire package is 100% out of your system to avoid conflict).

    To be sure go to your tray, open search, and type in, Nortons and let your PC search your entire system. If the store did the job right with the remove, or you do it yourself, you should not see any files related to Nortons shows up. The type in Symantec and let your PC scan and nothing sould show up. If in either case you have files showing up that are related, delete them from the bottom up in both cases.

    Now go to your tray start, run and type in c://program files, double click on browse, open program files and look for Nortons or Symantec and delete. If says file is being used, then reboot and go back and type in the same, and this time will delete.

    Avira free for home personal use has a very high rate of detection around 97.6%. Higher then Kaspersky Russia that you must purchase every year. Avira will give you auto. updates background guard.


    As a backup to your antivirus download the free version of Superantispyware. http://www.superantispyware.com Update and run and in depth scan. Free u must update on a manual basis daily or purchase and get auto. updates.

    Make sure that you have a firewall. Zone Alarm free for home personal use is excellent. http://www.zonealarm.com Look in their URL, under home and you will find the free version. Also will give you auto updates when needed and all never versions can be downloaded and installed over the old version.

    Mind Doctor, France

  4. ★Eric★ says:

    Hello. Glad to answer your question today and congrats on the new computer!

    When it comes to internet security for my Computer My demands are high. I think everyones should be.

    I have used and Recommend to everyone WINDOWS LIVE ONECARE. I have used it for 3 years and have never been attacked by a virus.
    It not only protects your computer but also has a PC TUNEUP feature to keep your pc fast and reliable. Also it has a great backup feature.

    You can get it FREE for 90!! Days on there website. There are no limitations.

    ANTISPYWARE: Although WL onecare has built in antispyware its still good to use another program along side it as well. I use WEBROOT ANTISPYWARE. I have found it to be very effective.

    I hope I have helped you.

    ★Good Luck! If You need any additional Help Feel free to Email me directly via my profile page -Eric.™

  5. Don says:

    when it expires go to comodo.com they offer a complete security suite free yes they can be trusted…i do mean complete be sure to go to symantec.com and download the norton removal tool and run it first this is the only way to completely remove the norton system off your computer

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