Is any advice out there re. free security programs available for my computer?

I have been told there are free, reliable security programs available which are free. Could some computer wiz out there please help.

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  1. chris s says:

    for how to use your time better online see and bookmark hunt its archives it has a good article on the best websites to use.(article42), it also has help on choosing a pc, it also has listed useful software to get free, new movie info and loads more

  2. Mercury says:

    Drill down from for PC security free downloads.

    My PC runs Windows XP, and I am using Zonealarm firewall, AVG anti-virus, Ad-Aware, and Spybot Search and Destroy.

  3. ahmed says:

    use these free programs and believe me they are the best.

    avira personal classic edition free:


    a-super antispyware free edition:

    b-a-squared free:

    c-spyware terminator:

    comodo firewall pro(go to firewall tab then stealth port wizard and choose to block all incoming connection(this won’t affect limewire,bitcomet and etc)

    these programs are 100% free and 100% the best

    use mozilla firefox with ad-block plus add-on


    ad-block plus:

  4. Thomas F says:

    My pc is Vista and I have WinPatrol, which is excellent. Plus ZoneAlarm,Avast antivirus,Ad-Aware,A-Squared Hijack Free,CrapCleaner,Pc Tools Antivirus,Advanced Windows Care which is excellent ( these keep my pc clean as can be. Best of all the price is free. Lots of free stuff at web sites listed.

  5. Mr.Rogers says:

    I have set up a simple process of applications, which will be your security suite for your computer, which will help detect and remove, viruses, malware, and all types of spyware.
    There are some of the top FREE software’s that you can download, when building a security suite.

    1) Anti Virus Program:
    Avast Anti-Virus Version 4.8 Home Edition
    This software is one of the highest rated free anti-virus programs, it has everything the big names have to offer, and is well trusted and reliable, I have used it and love it!
    Reminder: Never have more then one Anti-Virus Program installed, because they will both interfere with each other and slow down your PC! So remember, only have one Anti-Virus program on your computer! Avoid an anti-virus called AVG (free version). It is wildly popular but has poor virus detection rates.
    Download here:

    2) Anti Spware/Malware:
    SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition
    This Anti-Spyware software is highly rated and a free program. It has a very loyal and popular user base, and it definitely gets rid of the “nasties” (hard to remove spyware).
    Reminder: Having more then one Anti-Spyware software is okay, because they do not interfere with each-other, but I recommend no more then two anti-spy ware programs.
    Download Here:

    3) Second (Backup) Anti Spyware/Malware:
    Ad Aware Free Edition
    This is well trusted software, which can detect things that SuperAntiSpyware may not, they both work well together, and this should also be used on a weekly basis.
    Download Here:

    4) Firewall
    Windows Default Fire Wall (Reccomended)
    I recommend you to use the Windows Default one, because it is actually pretty good, and is easy to use.
    If you are not satisfied with it, or want something that you might think is better then download
    Comodo Firewall Pro
    It is one of the few free firewalls that will work (and work well) on Vista as well as XP and 2000.
    Download Here:

    5) Cleaning Software
    CC cleaner
    This is a trusted software, it is small and compact, and extremely easy to use, it cleans out all old cookies, files and can save you many megabytes of space! This goes along very well with the all the other programs.
    Download Here:

    6) Malware and Spyware Blockers/Alerter:
    And to help protect your computer from ever getting infected with malware in the first place, and also to help you for future use.
    Helps to immunize your computer again certain selected malware.
    Download Here:

    7) Site Advisors warns you when visiting a potentially malicious web-site:
    Download Here:

    8) Best Available Internet Browser
    Mozilla Firefox 3
    This is easily the best internet browser, it is a lot safer, faster and more effiecent then internet explorer! I SUGGEST immediately install this, it has about 20% of the browser market, and it is the fastest growing browser! You can customize it, add add-ons and so on, also a lot of browser hijackers target Internet explorer, rather than Firefox, which is a huge benefit!
    Download Here:

    And always keep your Windows and all your installed software 100% updated and patched with all critical and security updates from the vendors THIS IS A MUST! In Internet Explorer just click Tools then Windows Updates.

    All these softwares are highly rated, well trusted and are FREE! I have given the correct links, and if you have concerns, read the user comments and CNET comments on!
    You can also e-mail or private message me if there are any concerns or questions!

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