Is there a way I can get passed my schools computer security?

I need to get command prompt on the schools network when I try to open it a message reads your administrator has blocked this program. Is there any way i can bypass the network or become an administrator from home?

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  1. madne$$ says:


    so your basically asking can you ” Hack” into your schools pc.

    im afraid the answer is yes, but you have to be a good programmer.
    the schools pcs have firewalls preventing hackers like yourself from obtaining information.

    it all balls down to how good there firewall is and how good u are at hacking

    i heard zone alarm, nortons firewall, and windows firewall is pretty easy to access, but can you ” Hack”.

    you will need a few vital peices to obtain a 100% ” Hack”.

    i on the other hand only one of these but im not a hacker so i wouldnt know the other peices.

    if you knew someone whos hacked into pcs before they would do it for you, but then you would be breaking the law and be in serious “poop”.

    dont even try it.

    you cant access the schools information at home, you not connected to the server so you cant.

    sorry for the bad news.

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