Is this a good combo for computer security?

comodo firewall
malewarebytes anti-malware
AVG free anti-virus

Is this a good combo? Is there anything else I should add to make my protection stronger (thats free) ?

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  1. Chi Rho says:

    thats preety good, the best you can get for free, adding a good firewall would be nice too

  2. thlslsborlng says:

    I’ve always found programs made by the same manufacture works best in combos. Many security programs will fight with one another if made by different manufactures.

  3. Darcy G says:


    I’ve had both for a long time.

    Comodo and avg which has its own anti-spyware (version 8)

  4. Willy says:

    Good but Avast is a better anti-virus program that AVG. It has better detection rates and protects in real-time against rootkits, which AVG free doesn’t. Avast auto-updates but doesn’t auto-scan, you need to do initiate scans yourself, but that’s easy.

    I’d also suggest using Firefox with NoScript or IE8 (when released) to protect against XSS attacks, which traditional security programs don’t. All free.

    Otherwise… better than most!

  5. Manuel ♥ Pantera Jana εïз says:

    Avast 4.8
    AVG8. but install and use only one anti virus
    comodo firewall pro
    malwarebytes anti-malware
    ccleaner and mvregclean to clean your computer.

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