My computer says on icons red shield “You have a security problem” what can i do to get rid of it?

i have avg 8.0 computer says in security system that everything is ok and green but cant get rid of red shield and pop ups help

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  1. amiboo says:

    Go to Start, Control Panel and Security Center. Make sure your firewall and anti-virus are On and have a green light. If they all check out, it’s possible that it’s some ad-ware that’s been loaded on your computer.

    If you have some kind of spy-ware/ad-ware removal program on your computer, run it and get rid of all that crap. If you don’t download and install one. I use Ad-Aware and I recommend it. It’s has a basic version that’s free and works really well.

  2. snowboardtogo says:

    Sounds to me like you have a malware infection on board. Please follow all the preliminary steps in the following link. These steps should handle about 70% of all malware problems, should your problem still exist, please post a fresh HijackThis log in the forums as shown in step #6 and a highly trained malware removal expert will be with you ASAP.

  3. ahmed says:

    this is a rogue infection .it can easily be removed by using malware bytes anti-malware (free)

    avira is better than avg so

    uninstall any security program you are using and install these free programs


    a-avira personal classic edition(free)(detection rate 99.6%)


    a-super antispyware free(one of the most recommended antispywares)

    b- a-squared free(will get rid of all kinds of spyware,backdoors.trojans,keyloggers and etc)


    a-comodo firewall pro(free)(the only free firewall to pass matousec leaktest with an excellent score 95%


    a-firefox 3.0(safest browser,fastest browser and most enjoyable browser)

    5-browser add-ons(firefox)

    a-mcafee site advisor(warns you of bad sites)

    6-pc utilties

    a-ccleaner:(cleans temporary internet files,history cookies , fixes the registry and etc)

    b-revouninstaller: (uninstall the programs and removes the traces left in registry )(completely remove sticky programs like norton because it scans the registry for traces left in the registry after uninstalling the programs

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