my current computer security program is windows live one care, they are not renewing subscriptions?

Can someone suggest a comparable replacement?
And please do not suggest norton it sucks.

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  1. PCTechBytes says:

    Morro is coming out soon and it will be free. Morro will be an antivirus / malware utility that replaces OneCare. It’s expected out sometime this year. If you cannot wait until then, I’d get Free AVG as an antivirus and continue to run Windows Defender (if you have it) to protect against Spyware.

  2. Tier says:

    You can try McAfee Antivirus. I have had it on my PC for quite some time and it does not slow down the PC like Norton.

  3. TK_M says:

    It’s not had very good review – See Wikipedia for example:

    You might want to replace it with three seperate programs that are all free and very good.

    Avast anti-spyware (seems to be the best free anti-virus)
    Comodo Firewall (gets the best reviews of ANY firewall)
    CCleaner (seems to be the best cleaner as well)

  4. Jean-Michel says:

    It’s the perfect time to switch to nod32

    it has optimised code so the scan speed is excellent
    but it’s main quality is that it’s light for the system unlike most of antivirus
    you would think you dont have an antivirus if it wasnt of the green eye logo that is on taskbar

    i use it for 3 years, and everybody should do the same :)
    you wanna know if what i say is true the best way is to try the demo of 30 days. You can find it here :

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