What are your best combination of security on your computer?

Basically what security software you have found to be effective and compatible?

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  1. steven25t says:

    my brain+common sense+1 good anti-virus + 2 antispyware programs+1 firewall + port scanner = computer security

    P.S. its not absolute, it just decent, because there is no absolute.

  2. dze says:

    just basic .. a software firewall like zonealarm.. an antispyware app like avg .. and a non standard browser like firefox or opera … then if u practice safe habits that will be enough … i never have any problems and think going nuts on 15 security applications just ruins a pcs’ performance ..

  3. MINDDOCTOR says:

    Running Windows XP.

    I am a board certifed clinical psychiatrist and have a moral and legal obligation to keep my pc 100% clean.

    Here are program I use that will give you 100% protection. Ofcourse you must also have all your critical updates installed from Microsoft.

    I use the free zone alarm firewall for many years. Excellent with free updates and all new versions free. Protects you from rouge incoming packets and keeping your private data from leaving your pc.

    http://www.zonealarm.com Download their free home for personal use.

    Antivirus program I use. You only pay a one time fee of $29.99. and you get all updates and all new versions for life.

    Read the webpage and if you like what you read this is the antivirus of choce I have used for over ten years and never one virus.

    By culture the Chinese are very secret just about everything and that includes their software.

    This antivirus program out of Beijing, China that is also used by the Government of China.

    This antivirus program does not have the Govt. permission to be rated with all other known antivirus programs.

    What I can assure you is that you pay only a one time fee for life that will include all auto updates, and all new versions for life. The Chinese don’t believe in having to pay an annual fee for updates or new versions.

    I can tell you their technology is light years ahead of any other known antivirus software out there.

    If you open a webpage and there is a hidden virus it will clean in realtime. Anything that you download and has even a trace code, it will kill the download and ask you to upload the trace code for investigation. In real time the upload will tell you if it is clean or not.

    Will not allow you download, Real Player, because there is a hidden file that is a trojan keylogger. The file was uploaded and traced back to the United States Army, Intelligence Services out of London, England. (Removal of the file Real Player will reject the installation).

    Read for yourself at their webpage. I have never had one virus in ten plus years. Plus it will catch any progam with it’s dynamic defense system, for software that you download and it does not have a publisher or lic., included.

    Twister Trojan Antivirus V7

    Very low on resources with scanner running in background.


    Antispyware I use three. You can only use one antivirus program or you will have serious conflict with your system.

    Superantispyware, known to find what all other anitspyware will miss. http://www.superantispyware.com

    A2Squard Malware out of Austria. Download their free version and you will be protected from, rogue dialers, worms, malware, keyloggers, trace spyware and rouge cookies.


    AdAware SE Personal out of Sweden. This antispyware company has been around since computers became commerical. In June of this year they will come out with a brand new version. Right now it is beta testing. Download their free home for personal use. http://www.lavasoft.com

    All of these program I have listed for you use little or no resources.

    Minddoctor, France
    Please excuse my english.

  4. ajansu says:

    Hi there..

    I think it doesn’t matter which antiviral/anti spyware software you’ve used. Most important thing is always update it on regular basis to fight against malicious activities on internet. Remember we’re not safe on internet. Don’t use P2P. There are a lot countermeasure against malicious activities.

    Want to learn more? Please try to visit my website(Blog-> http://jansuworld.blogspot.com ).. Thanks!!

    Ashish Jansari

  5. Alann says:

    You should try Norton 360 alongwith Spyware Terminator.
    (OR, if you dont wanna spend)
    You should try Spyware Terminator alongwith Clam Anti-Virus

    360 doesnt take as much time to load at startup as other Norton products. Its their best product & although its costly, its very effective. Spyware Terminator is the best for spyware protection (and other such things like adware, trojans, worms, etc.). It also has an in-built option of Clam Anti-virus. But dont integrate it it if you use some other anti-virus.
    Hope this will help you.

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