What entry level job position should I be seeking to become a Computer Information Security Specialist?

Currently, I’m studying Private Investigation at The Academy of Court Reporting. I have plans to study Criminal Justice and Computer Information Security at ITT Technical Institute. Prior to graduating, I wanted to know what entry level jobs should I be applying for? I have extensive software experience and physical security experience. What jobs combine the two fields?

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  1. Timboni says:

    hmm…might want to check into doing some contract work..like going place to place checking up on their computer security, upgrading it, then leaving.. or you might want to check some police departments looking for computer forensics.

  2. SB T says:

    To be a security information specialist, you have to really understand the architecture of an information technology infrastructure. It would be great to be a help desk person to start, or a jr systems administrator. If you can be a junior system anything….you would be on your way. If you know project management at all, you can be a business analyst or project manager for an IT group.

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