What happens if you do not have you computer security?

I do not have any security program on my computer, what happens?

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  1. Kaiyo says:

    everything .. your computer is not protected you cant know what viruses are in it .. it can just crash on you one day it is best to have one and be safe because you will regret it when your computer goes crazy and you cant erase the viruses no matter how much you try
    also it is very dangerous if you are sharing files or transferring files to other computers cause if they dont have protection you can give them a virus too ..
    there are deadly viruses out there that can kill your computer no problem

  2. Ri® says:

    you will be faced with viruses, spyware, … hackers. The loss of personal data, damaged software, documents and data loss … short, very bad

  3. Colinc says:

    Somebody could right now be reading ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. Also they may be watching every keystroke of your typing. Your machine could currently be sending thousands of child porn or money scam emails which will traceback to you. And ignorant stupid use of an unprotected machine could allow it to be infecting other people’s machines right now! Get it secured!

  4. JanetM says:

    I’m guessing you mean virus protection? If so, and you’re not careful what sites you go to, what links you click on or what you download onto your computer, lots of things can potentially happen.. anything from a virus that’s easily cleaned to a virus that can totally ‘”fry” your computer. It also depends on what computer you have. If you have a Mac, you really don’t need anti-virus software. But you DO still need to be sure you are always using the internet safely. There are some known anti-virus programs you can download. McAfee and Norton are 2 of the best known:


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