What is the best free antivirus security for your computer?

The software needs to be real and not fake. It does not need to present virus that are not true.

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  1. Jayce Cameron says:


    Norton is the most common answer because people have it. It comes pre-installed on many computers and most people don’t know a thing about them. Norton is almost like a virus itself. Try deleting it from your computer and if you knew enough about them you would see that it leaves traces all over the registry. Even removing all strings from the registry is hard as it masks itself as many different things and self replicates if even one command string is left in the registry.

    No the best antivirus is still Antivir, One free year, with free update definitions. It isn’t bulky and loaded with extra crap that will actually confuse your system (ie: additional firewalls/spyware etc..) Windows has built-in features for a firewall and it’s own greyware/malware remover called windows defender. If you use more than one firewall they will create problems by interfering with each other.

  2. Jessica Queller says:

    It’s better to stop thinking “antivirus” programs will protect you.

    Instead you should:

    1. Set up and use almost exclusively a limited user account.

    2. Google the phrase “social engineering” and read the first five results.

    3. Install Windows updates automatically.

    4. Use Firefox with the NoScript extension.

    5. Turn off autorun in Windows:

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