What is the best internet security for your computer?

What is some of the “best” totally free security you can get for your computer?What is the “best” that is mid-priced(50-60$)? And what is some of the “best” that money could buy? Finally, is it worth it to buy one for 100$ or would one for around 50-60$ be good?

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  1. Dunbar Pappy says:

    In it’s ‘out-of-the-box’ condition, MS Windows is awash with security problems and conditions that most users are unaware of, and securing that system from Internet assault & increasing predation, is not a single application, or a suite: and it’s not a “one step- 10 second fix” that so many want.

    It’s layers of protection, user habits, system configuration, real time protection; and most important, threat landscape awareness (because the internet is so fluid and dynamic, it changes almost hourly).
    (Check for fairly current threats here: http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch/top

    “Do-it-all” suites (CareOne, McAfee, or Norton, etc.) give users ‘feel good’ security, and lull them into complacency, which often has very bad results.

    Core defense applications might include (but not limited to):
    Avast! (anti-virus);
    Zone Alarm (firewall);
    SpywareBlaster (snoopware prevention)
    >>>The #1 defense against any malware: Use a “Limited User” account & Firefox, with ‘NoScript’ add-on, with “locked down” settings< << and use a dual browser set up as I describe here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…
    And use “Sandboxie”:

    The key element or common principal is to keep the bad guys (all of them) out of your system in the first place…it’s your system; you paid for it, so nobody but you should say what goes in.

    Most novice users do not like hearing this, but nonetheless, it’s true: using Windows requires you to become a security expert, it’s that simple. Something they conveniently omit telling you when you buy this system…

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