What is the best internet security suite on the market?

Im looking to switch internet security suites. I have Norton Internet 2007 right now, but I haven’t been satisfied with the protection I have received, or lack there of. I have a few in mind, such as Trend Micro PC-Cillin. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

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  1. stultificare says:

    I don’t see any reason to use anything besides Windows’ built-in firewall and AVG Free for antivirus. If you’re the sort that clicks every link that gets sent to you or downloads software without checking that it’s from a safe source, then no security suite will help you. If you practice safe computing practices, then there’s no reason to spend money on a suite.

  2. jibbarjabar says:

    Why not “roll ya own” Internet Security Suite for free. Free is always the best.
    1. For your Anti-Virus……(Always use only 1 A-V)

    For your anti-virus needs, I would suggest Avira AntiVir® PersonalEdition Classic. It has excellent heuristics, a virus detection rate that is better than many of “paid-for” anti-virus programs and is light on using your computer’s resources. And did I mention that it’s free!

    Download here:

    BTW, Avoid the free, version of an anti-virus called AVG, it is wildly popular, but it has horrible virus detection capibilities.


    2. For your Firewall……….(Always use only 1 firewall)

    An excellent free firewall is Comodo Personal Firewall. It can pass firewall “leak tests” that even most of the “paid-for” firewalls cannot pass.

    And Comodo has a great support forum. Where the CEO / President of the company might even himself answer your question! Check it out at:


    3. For your Anti-Adware and Anti-Spyware needs……………(use 2)

    Pick and choose, 2 anti-spywares from the list below and alternate scanning with them on a regular basis. New spywares are created literally hourly, so no single anti-spyware can really detect all malware. Have at least 2 on hand and alternate scanning with each every few days or so. All are free. All can remove as well as detect.

    Spybot Search and Destroy:

    Ewido (now known as AVG Anti-spyware) Do NOT download AVG Anti-virus.:

    AdAware 2007



    Windows Defender:

    Unfortunately, many “paid for” anti-spyware products are in fact either of limited usefulness or downright scams. When in doubt, look at the list of rogue anti-spyware solutions listed here:


    4. And to protect your computer from ever getting infected with malware in the first place………… (use them both)


    Everything here is 100% free!!!!!!

    Great luck! Enjoy!

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