What is the best way maintain computer security when using public internet?

I am moving to an apartment that is very close to a public park that has city-provided WiFi. I want to make sure that I am protecting myself and any sensitive material on my computer while using this connection. I am using a Mac Book Pro, is there a personal firewall that I could install, or any settings on the mac that I should change to ensure safety?

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  1. Corny Chris says:

    Well always have Firewall software running (the best is online armor). and have a Anti virus running. Paying has better features (Especially Norton Internet Security 2009). But if you want a free one, then get Avast! (You can find the Pro keys on you tube.) =) It’s All Good.

  2. Benny says:

    Comodo has just released a new version of Comodo Firewall Pro 3 – it’s clearly one of the most popular firewall programs for Windows XP and Vista.

    Like rival ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall prevents programs (executables) from connecting to the Internet without your knowledge and also filters incoming traffic that may not be safe. Whenever the firewall detects some fishy behaviour, you are informed with a pop-up alert.

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