What is the difference between McAfee SecurityCenter and McAfee Total Protection or McAfee Internet Security?

I am having trouble understanding the differences among these three programs. It doesn’t seem that McAfee ever directly compares SecurityCenter with the other software. What makes the SecurityCenter software better or worse than Total Protection 2009 or Internet Security 2009?

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  1. ₡ɧɨ (₡W)™ says:

    McAfee SecurityCenter is not a program. The McAfee SecurityCenter is the console included in all McAfee suites and is used to display activity, settings, and all those things. The differences among the other two is the features included in them. McAfee Total Protection would be the best since it has more of the best and included features, but both provide the necessary protection. You can compare them in the links below by scrolling down and looking at the features of each. Notice Total Protection has more upgraded features.


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