What is the Difference from antivirus and internet security software?

im still deciding what to buy norton 2009 or kaspersky 2009….
but kaspersky has 2 flavors and norton has 3?!? kaspersky has internet security and anti-virus and norton has gaming security, internet security and anti-virus whats up with these? and what should i get?
i browse the internet a lot and download a lot too…. sometimes i play online but not that much…


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  1. Jesse says:

    There are no difference between this two. Every Anti-Virus software has already been emerged with the internet security software. If you are talking about internet security software means they scan the internet if there’s a cookie, virus, malware, worm and spyware the same as for the Anti-Virus Software.

  2. michael s says:

    Kaspersky is rated #1., but the Norton has the features you need the most like e-mail scanning, photo scanning, instant messaging scanning and games…….But if i was to have a say so in the matter..I would go for Kaspersky myself….(no bias decision) I base that on AV Comparisons.org reports on Kespersky and Norton….take a look yourself…

  3. No 666 says:

    Save some money and choose some of these apps:

    1.avast! Home Edition 4.8
    2 Avira AntiVir Personal 9
    3 AVG 8.5
    4, Threatfire
    5 Panda Cloud Anti-virus
    (use only one.If you go with AVG,use Threatfire too)

    1. Ad-Aware
    2 a-squared
    3 Malwarebytes-Antimalware
    4 COMODO BOClean
    5 SUPERAntiSpyware
    6 Windows Defender
    7 Spybot Search and Destroy
    8 Spyware Blaster
    9 Spyware Terminator
    (use 2,3,or even 4)

    1 Windows Vista
    2 COMODO Pro
    3 ZoneAlarm
    4 Online Armor
    (use only one)

    available free for personal use at:
    CNET http://www.downloads.com
    Major Geeks http://www.majorgeeks.com
    FileHippo http://www.filehippo.com
    Softpedia http://softpedia.com

  4. Nik B says:

    Anti-Virus software is just software that scans for viruses and worms only. If you are connected to the internet then I would suggest an Internet Security Suite as it contains an Anti-virus program, Anti-spyware program and a Firewall plus a few other features such as parental control and privacy control.

    I would suggest Kaspersky Internet Security Suite based on my preferences but if you’re looking for something easy to use, and is set up right out of the box I would suggest Norton or Mcafee.

    I know there are a lot of editions out there and depending on what you want (complete pc security, pc security + pc maintenance, just an anti-virus which I DO NOT recommend getting alone) you can compare the editions of Norton at: http://shop.symantecstore.com/store/symnahho/en_US/ContentTheme/ThemeID.1795800/pbPage.NIS09wide?ipd=InterstitialChall&ipln=true
    And Mcafee at: http://us.mcafee.com/root/product.asp?productid=comparison

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