What is the most user-friendly free internet security suite out there?

I’m looking for a very user-friendly (albeit effective) internet security suite (remember, 100% free). How good is Comodo Internet Security Premium?

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  1. Ed G says:

    There really are only two free security suites Comodo and Outpost Security. Since Outpost in brand new I can’t say how good it is. Comodo firewall is tough as nails. It’s anti-virus program has one of the lowest detection rates out there. I would not use it for anti-virus protection. I usually tell users to stay away from the firewall to. The reason being it’s more for advance users, but I’ve heard they are making it easier to use. Here’s a link to Outpost Security Suite. You might want to think about getting comodo firewall with Avira or Avast both are free anti-virus programs with a much higher detection rate than Comodo.

  2. xmetalfanx says:

    I am not saying “don’t use Zone Alarm” but I have not used it for years and when i stopped, it was getting bloated, but go ahead and try it for yourself and see if you like it. I have Comodo on both of my systems and I choice to NOT install the Antivirus (not saying its bad … its just a personal choice) … I have the Firewall and Defense+ set on high… … is this “premium” one you have to pay for? … I can not recall at the moment, but even the one I have with the AV, is freeware.

    This is a separate program (even with both programs on my older 1.7Ghz laptop, i see NO slowdown or lag) but rates as one of the best Anti-viruses overall Avira ( http://www.avira.com/en/avira-free-antivirus )


  3. Vin Diesel says:

    Sorry, But the truth is you can’t have both. ALL free AV’s have problems that most on here either do not know or they try to hide it from unsuspecting internet goers.

    Avast, It’s weakness is trojans. I tested Avast 5 and found that most of the time Trojans will slip by it undetected. Like most all free AV’s it runs heavy.

    AVG. The absolute sorriest AV on the internet. No root kit protection running in real time. About all it will detect is tracking cookies. Cookies that can be dealt with in your browser settings. It has a real hard time detecting Mal ware of all kinds. Most of the time it will not remove it. Like Avast, It will lock it up in a vault on your hard drive and take up space there.

    Avira, Full of faults positives. It will make you think it’s running when it really isn’t. It will tell you that needed system files are viruses. It’s trash. I have seen Avira do this many times.

    I”m not a fan of free AV’s. Most of them do not work that well. Even though i personally wouldn’t use it. Before i would use any of the above i would use MSE. Microsoft Security Essentials. I’m not that impressed with it. But i would use it before i used any of the others. That includes Comodo. I would use the Comodo firewall. Not the AV. But either way you go, When it comes to free AV’s & firewalls, You will use more memory and not be as secure as you would with the right paid AV.

    That’s just the simple truth. Whether anyone likes it or not.

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