What project i can take in my grad course of computer network and security?

Hello friends, Our professor ask us to make a project on network security. I dont have any idea about how to start and which topic i should select. Can anyone tell me about the Trojan attacks on a users computer and jam traffic ? will this be a good implementation? if yes than just let me know how to start this and few guidelines?

Thanking you.

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  1. toonuhh says:

    Trojan viruses can be a great subject for your grad course. I would start like this.

    1. What is a Trojan Virus
    2. History of Trojans (from the first one detected to know)
    3. How Trojans have evolved
    4. Who writes these trojans and why
    5. What the industry is doing about Trojans
    6. The future (according to security company’s) of Trojans
    7. Your thoughts about the Trojans
    8. Possible ideas of your own on how to combat Trojans
    9. Conclusion

    In any project you always want to present who, what, when, where, and why. But more importantly you want to present some unique independent thoughts of your own that no one else has thought of. The majority of your project should be based on those unique thoughts of your own. There is no way to have well thought out ideas of your own unless you understand the subject matter extremely well. Do your research, present what is “known” and then go into your thesis. Good Luck.

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