What virus protection/internet security do you think is the best?

My computer was infected with the w32 trats virus on December 28th. I have Norton system works and norton internet security, but it got around it apparently. My research showed that the virus has been around since the beginning of December, but norton didn’t have protection against it until december 29th–the day after I was infected. Now I am wondering if there is a better protection out there.

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  1. byteofk says:

    No virus protection will 100% be able to stop a virus before it has been written. You have to rely on some smarts not to install or open something you are not expecting, whether it’s from a friend or a stranger.

    Also, are you on broadband without a router or any kind of firewall except that in NIS? Get a router for a hardware firewall to prevent much of this stuff from getting in.

    Also make sure your Administrator login has a password. Change this by logging in as Administrator (Ctrl+Alt+Del twice at the login screen to enter as that. If you type in Administrator as the user and then enter without a password, that could be how the virus got in).

    The newer the anti-virus the smarter they are for spotting dodgy looking attempts to install something. So if you are using an old version, upgrade. But don’t just rely on that. Be smart and be safe! And use anti-virus as a backup plan.

  2. Webman says:

    No, Norton’s still the best security. I’ve been using it, I haven’t been infected with Win32. Make sure auto-protect is on. Also run Live-Update frequently (or turn on auto-live update)

  3. shodandance says:

    I still stand by my opinion that Norton or any pay anti-virus software is crap. Coming from someone who repairs PCs as a side job, I can tell you two anti-virus programs that work. There is Avast and there is AVG. I have not personally used AVG but I hear it’s great. Avast gives me a daily update as long as I’m connected to the internet. For most people this is the case because I think the only person who may still have dial up is my mother.

    Try those and also get yourself AdAware if you don’t have it yet.

  4. MINDDOCTOR says:

    Nortons is the absolute worse.

    You can look into what I have used for the past ten years and is used by the Govt. Of China. (They don’t compare or advertise). Can assure you that the software is light years ahead of any other known antivirus. Never had one virus as their backgroud scanner works in real time, and will kill a hidden virus or viruses on a webpage before it has the chance to get into your system.

    One time fee for life of $29.99 will include many daily updates and all new versions.

    You can test run for thirty days with a key they will send you.


    Will have to remove Nortons 100%.

    Minddoctor, France

  5. Ali says:

    ESET NOD32 has got 47 vb100% award, so I think that’s a good antivirus but I personally use avg free edition, reason in obvious: it’s free!

  6. iamME says:

    Greetings, I’ve been using Zone Alarm Suite for the past few years. I just renewed it for this year. And I used ZA Pro for a few years prior to that. My PC has never been infected, yet I open no attachments that are unknown. I like it for it’s encryption of password and user ID info. The alert functions are super. Give the free download a try, It’s loaded with many more funtions then other wares.I didn’t like Norton because I’ve heard stories same as yours. And that I didn’t like the way it affected other programs running on my PC. It seemed to take over my system and slow everything down.

  7. JAMES M says:

    I have used AVG Anti Virus, Zone Alarm Firewall, Spy-bot Search and Destroy and Ad Aware both spyware killers for years. They are all free for personal use and I have had no trouble with Viruses Trojans etc. AVG does not slow the system down as much as some other products and Zone Alarm allows a lot of personal configuration unlike the Windows Firewall. They can all be downloaded from the following linkhttp://www.computeractive.co.uk/. On the home page select downloads and then the appropriate category.I also use Windows Defender from the Microsoft site. It is safe to use two anti-spy products but never use more than one A/V as it can cause conflicts. You should run A/V and anti spy weekly. Hope this helps

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