what would be 3 recommended complete computer security providers im willing to pay around 30/40 euro?

i currently have mcafee and its very user friendly and like the set up of it. i am seriously thinking of going with them what ya think?. i heard that Kaspersky are very good but i dont want things popping up with codes asking me if i wana let them access my computer half the time i dont know if there good or bad. any help will be greatly appreciated

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  1. wings says:

    I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. It was recommended by my computer tech who has a very reputable business. He & his partners claim that Kaspersky has caught many things that Norton didn’t.
    For years, I was using Norton Internet Security, but since doing business with my tech, I’ve made the switch to Kaspersky. All you have to do with Kaspersky is set a compete system scan date., & a critical areas scan date. I have the total system scan set for Fridays., & the critical areas scan set a few days/week., a few days apart. That’s it. I don’t have to do anything else..the Kaspersky runs itself.
    Yes, I’ve had a box pop up asking me about a certain file, but I recognize the file, & simply click the answer Kaspersky is asking for..i.e. that it’s safe, etc. It does not keep popping boxes up, nor does it want to get into my computer. When you think of it, any program you’ve installed is on your computer…right??…right.
    I’ve never looked back. I’m very glad I’ve installed the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

  2. Nick says:

    NIS (Norton Internet Security) is very good and it has outstanding detection rate. Read the latest Av-Comparatives.org test to see the results. It has many lines of defense and it’s really light on system resources. It’s definitely top-of-the-line currently.

    If you want to but it, I recommend using Amazon or Newegg to buy it (you can get it cheaper).

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