What’s the career I want? (Computer Security related)?

I’ve searched online for careers that are related to computer security, but not for example, a computer security specialist. I’m not the wake-up and do the same routine kind of guy and, to sit behind the desk and secure the organization’s database. I would like my career to be more like adventurous, stopping criminals/hackers, moving from one place to the other, work for the government or something cool. I hope you understand my idea. Please help, I’m very clueless.

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  1. Richard L says:

    Computing security is not as glamorous as you see on TV shows.

    If you wanted to pursue this field you could get a degree or take course in Police Science and Computer Forensics. Another possible path would be to check with a military recruiter to see what they could offer you in a military career in this field. After you got out of the military you would be well positioned to look at an FBI or other government job in the field.

    Most of all it will be important for you to keep your nose clean. Having any criminal record will make it more difficult for you to enter this field.

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