Whats up with my computer and McAfee Security 2006?

I downloaded the newest version of McAfee Security Suite 2006 last night and immediately afterwards everything started going wrong. I cant connect to the gaming server im on, and it is an allowed program on the firewall, and when I go to the fantasy football page and try to look at my league, the top toolbar with “My Team” and such doesn’t show up and a lot of other things don’t show, when I get to my team the roster wont load at all. I’ve tried anything I can think of as far as preferences go and nothing has helped. It’s definitely not a good situation though considering I spent $70.00 on something that seems to do more harm than good. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Skeeter63 says:

    I also have McAfee Security…You need to “allow” the sights you want…
    McAfee sees these as potential problems…

  2. daddysboicub says:

    $70.00!?!??? dude, you got screwed. i paid $35.00 at walmart for my mcafee security suite 2006.

  3. wiz_on_line says:

    I work for microsoft and the problem isnt McAfee. The problem is how it was installed. If you done install it correctly things like that will happen. the only advice i can give you is to uninstall McAfee from your pc and reinstall it. But be very very sure you disable hammer.exe. It is causing alot of problems with your pc. If all else fails you will need to reinstall windows all over again. You got it lucky you are in the first stages of computer meltdown so you have time to save it. I know a couple of people who lost their entire pc and network due to hammer.exe. So you better get rid of that file it corrupts all the other files on your pc. Then it will email itself to everyone on your messenger list and destroy their files. So go hurry find that rotten file.

  4. oddball says:

    How clean was your computer when you downloaded. You should alway clear the browser Cache before doing any download. Sometimes cluttered RAM (old program paths) will cause problems with these programs. All this clutter damages the program as it’s downloaded. If you can download it again, I suggest you remove it and clean your computer browser cache also check your HD to see if it needs Defragmenting. Then restart to clear the RAM clutter and immediately download the program.

  5. cuite says:

    McAfee Security 2006
    you lost your cash
    for that crap
    1 it cant stop a virus at all
    i have seen over 500 people on here saying they have McAfee Security 2006
    and have a virus and
    McAfee Security 2006
    cant remove it
    if you never paid for that crap and came here yeserday i
    could have give you

    zoneAlarm internet security suite
    all in one firewall / anti virus/ anti spyware
    for free and with
    zoneAlarm internet security suite
    it auto kills a virus when it see it coming
    you have to pay for for new anti virus every year
    zoneAlarm internet security suite
    all in one firewall / anti virus/ anti spyware
    you dont have to pay and its no1 for auto killing any virus it see that try to auto download on your pc
    not like that crap
    norton’s/macfee/avg anti virus
    panda all them are crap
    if you had come here yeserday you could have got

    zoneAlarm internet security suite
    all in one firewall / anti virus/ anti spyware

    free and you can get all the update’s for it for free to
    that crap McAfee Security 2006
    is crap

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