When I checked my computer security settings, my firewall wall was shut off. Should I leave it like it is, or ?

should I turn it on? What are the advantages and disadvantages to turning firewall on.

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  1. eparico says:

    Less prone to attacks, especially if you have DSL or a cable connection.

    Your computer will be more prone to attacks from the internet. You don’t even need to be surfing the net.

    As someone already said, you should turn it on unless you have a stand-alone firewall. A lot of your common anti-virus programs include a firewall but not always.

  2. matse9999 says:

    leave it off if you have an existing firewall or an internet security program like the kaspersky internet security. but if you don’t have any existing program you should turn it on. and try to install any antivirus for your own safety.

  3. krazy_4_sk8erboiz says:

    it’s supposed to keep your computer safe from viruses and things like that, so you might want to turn it on.

    but some sites become unavailable when the firewall is on.

    i don’t think it’s a huge deal weather it’s on or off.

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